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Thread: The bone!!!

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    The bone!!!

    Ok... do you know the bone???? The very special bone... the ONLY bone that you are allowed to chew on... yeah well.. my dogs have that bone.. .but the kicker is... they have FOUR other bones as well... but they only want ONE bone... BOTH of them want that bone... they will battle it out. Maycie will yelp until her bark starts fading into a yip... Sophie shakes her head the whole time and I cringe everytime I hear that yelp. The piercing shreak of it is like nails on a chalk board.... I shiver just thinking about it... so what do I do you ask..... nothing... there is nothing you can do when two dogs want the same bone... they will not take anything in exchange for that bone.. not even a belly rub or a treat. HAHAHAHA!!!!

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    my 2 do that too so my dh would always have to brake them up..and of course give his girl the bone and give alex the bad bone .
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    Yup, we have one coveted bone, and no replacement will do. Luckily, my older dog has learned patience and just waits till the other one is doing something else, than sneaks off with it!
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    mine do that

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