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Thread: emergency flea bath!

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    emergency flea bath!

    i knew it! i knew in the back of my mind he had fleas! it just took me a few days to find one. what really bothers me though is i shaved him and bathed him like, 3 days ago...and i didn't see a single flea then. crafty little shits.

    but i had the day off today, and i didn't find the flea until after the salon was closed anyway, so i made a quick run to walmart, raced through the aisles, grabbed flea shampoo, and raced back home and threw him in the tub.

    buddy got to use the bathtub for a bath before mommy did.

    good lord i hope i caught them early cause i do not want to be fighting fleas for a month like i did last year.

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    The little orange Raid house sprayer thingys work really well. If I still have one I will let you know exactly what it is.
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    if you have a lot of grass try using Scotts Summerguard on it... it protects against fleas, ticks and a few other insects Plus it makes the grass purdy!
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    Or I use frontline spray
    Are you scrappy enough for me

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