I have a 10 month old miniature dachshund. If you saw my prior post about Banfield, you have an idea of my frustration when it comes to his health care.

His baby canines didn't fall out with the rest of his baby teeth. His adult canines grew in next to them. The right baby canine just came out in early July. The left one is still in there, with no sign of coming out any time soon. He has plenty of chew toys that he plays with, but it hasn't loosened the tooth.

The vet told me back in June that I should schedule to have both baby teeth pulled, which obviously involves anesthesia and the whole 9 yards. I am not trying to put my dog through unnecessary things, and I am not made of money either.

What really pisses me off is that a few people I have talked to had the same issue with their small dogs. And at 6 months when they had their dog neutered, they had the baby teeth pulled at the same time. Why were my dog's baby teeth not pulled when he was neutered??? Because my vet is incompetent?? I think so.

So I don't know what to do. I mean I know I need to find a new vet. I want to get the hell out of Banfield altogether. I don't know about getting the tooth pulled. The area around those teeth is inflamed along the gum line and I'm worried that it may turn into a bigger issue. I will have to get the opinion of another vet for sure.

But until then, has anyone else experienced something like this?