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Thread: AKC names?

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    AKC names?

    So I am waiting to send in my puppy's akc paper cause I want a unique akc name for him but am none doing good at finding one! Does anyone have any good ideas for an akc name for my puppy? His name is Maverick and he is a golden retriever. What are some names you ladies have used for you dogs? Hopefully someone has some ideas or will share their names and spark an idea for me cause I have none!
  2. It took awhile to see the beauty of just letting go
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    It took awhile to see the beauty of just letting go
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    Im in Clearwater Beach, FL.
    Hank Williams Jr.

    We're from the country.. And we like it that way
  3. i didn't realize that the USSR was back.
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    i didn't realize that the USSR was back.
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    I just gave our AKC puppy a "real" name.. Her registered name is MacKenzy Rose VonSchnauzer ( the last name is her mother's name actually the breeder requested us to use the last name)

    I will miss you SOS...
    Please be wary of what you post remember OPSEC is not just another acronym.

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    The only registered dog I ever had was a Jack Russell and I named her Ali's Lady Liberty (and called her Libbie)..

    Sir Maverick Monhollen (don't even ask where that came from just popped in my head).
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    Our AKC Boxer is

    Ida Mae Boudreau(kennel name) and then our last name on the end)

    BECAREFUL if you choose to use the "kennel" name, you have to have permission for that.
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    Our AKC registered goldens name is : Drako Pendragon our last goldens name was Uther husband has a fixation with mid evil times

    I actually helped name Drako's mom..her name is "Hank's little Bellerina" they call her Bell. ?(hank was their lab that passed away) My BF names all her animals with an americana theme.. they have 4 cats...Liberty, Freedom, Chelsey and Sam 4 Golden retrievers Bell, Ike, Abby (pres. ike's wife) and Reagan

    So what I am trying to make it fun.. How about TopGun Maverick.
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    DH named our boxer. His name is Avaiation Ordience(sp) after his rate. We call him Ordie. He hates it that he's a Mama's dog.
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    My mom has two registered dogs.

    Austrailan Shepard: Keegan Lee Colter (we call him Keegan)

    Mini Schauzer: Loki Zeke Von Venture (Venture)

    I agree keep it fun and personal to you.
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    An official "Region rat"........again
    My one friend had a schnauzer and her akc was "The Lady Von Schnapps" They called her Schnapsie. My other friend has a bassett and his name is Flash, but his akc papers read "Kevin's Flashy Paws".
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    My boxer is Harley Stubtail Duece (after my husbands Harley softail deuce motorcycle, but the dog has a typical boxer "stubtail)

    My boston terrier is Bella's Godiva Kiss. I call her Bella. She is chocolate colored, not black and white like most bt's, hence the "Godiva" and she has a white streak from her nose to the back of here head, but there is a little chocolate spot in the middle of the white, and it reminded me of a chocolate kiss, hence the "kiss" part.
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