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Thread: My cat

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    My cat

    She's been vomitting lately. She did it twice last week.. on my brand new carpet ... then again this morning.. I think I know what it is though. She's on RD, b/c shes overweight & that food has a lot of fiber in it, so it expands & makes her stomach full, but she's such a pig, so she'll continue to eat, even when she's full & I think thats making her throw up... Does that sound like it could be right? She just went to the vet last week & got a clean bill of health.
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    I would feed her the recommended total amount every day but break it up into several small servings. That way you avoid her overstuffing herself.
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    Measure her daily intake of food that she is supposed to eat and divide it by 3servings a day. ONLY give her that amount at the serving time. That will keep her from overeating.
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    I agree with measuring her food. My cat does that sometimes and i have to do that too. I just put his food out of his reach. I move his water too cause sometimes I think that is part of the problem.

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