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Thread: strange cat behavior

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    Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta
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    Shock strange cat behavior

    I've seen charlie do some pretty strange stuff, but this morning took the cake.

    I was eating breakfast and i look over to see him starring at his food & water, as if pondering something intense for a few minutes. then he carefully lifts a paw and moves his food bowl until it touches his water bowl. THEN, he scoops one piece of food into the water. The fishes it out of the water using his paw like a spoon, and eats it. he did this over and over. does anyone esle's cat like to "dip" their dry food into water???!!!
  2. Lela
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    Mine does not do that... but she does get mad if we have the water bowl next to the food and will pull the water bowl into the middle of the floor...
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    nope my cats dont do that. But that is so cute. I love Charlie. Maybe he wants his food to be like ceral so he dips it in the water.
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    my cats don't fish food out but they do drink their water with their paws. They dip and lick over and over it's weird
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    My cat doesnt do that, but my dog(Min Pin) does something like that. She sits there and sticks her nose in her food and then in her water. She will move the food around in the bowl with her nose, like she wants it to jump in the water bowl. We cant figure out why she does it besides she wants her food to be soft. I let her do it if thats what it takes to get her to eat her food, she is getting really picky in her old age.
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    yup. my cats do it at times, and that's how my neighbors cat eats all its meals
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    I don't think my cat has done that. Though it would explain why theres always food in his water dish. He has recently chewed up 3 pairs of my flip flops. I didn't know cats would chew up things. Im so mad at him for doing that.
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    my cats dont do that although it is very cute!

    my cat edgar chews on from the trash bag ot ther plastic the holds all the water bottles together. yeah cats are strange!

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