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Thread: Saying goodbye

  1. Gained a child but lost my sanity!
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    Gained a child but lost my sanity!
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    Sad Saying goodbye

    My best friend's mom had to put down her kitty yesterday. I remember when Woody first joined the family 6 years ago. He helped her mom through a tough divorce, helped all of us through the loss of my kitty Wilson, a friend for many years. He never walked straight and he drooled when you pet him but I don't think Woody ever met a stranger. He was one of those cats that made people who are strict dog people turn, he was so loving and affectionate and silly. It will not be the same the next time I go home.
  2. I love my Boys!
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    I love my Boys!
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    aww that is so hard to do.
  3. MoMo
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    I saw a dead animal on the side of the road the other day and cried like a little baby..Im sorry sweetie...

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