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Thread: My dogs and their craziness!

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    My dogs and their craziness!

    I bought a doggy door and a kennel this week so I could separate the girls at night and allow them to come and go in the house so I could stop worrying about potty spots all over my house.

    Maycie is doing SOO WELL with the doggy door... she goes out and comes in with no problems and actually enjoys being able to go without asking me, BUT Sophie is a little brat about it! LOL!! She's scared of the flap and won't go out unless I hold it up for her! LOL!! I have to really coax her to go in and out of that door and it's going to be a painful transition for her. Once they are good on the doggy door then I will be fine with them staying out in the house during the day while I'm at work, but I'm still nervous about it!

    Maycie DOESN'T like her own kennel however! LOL!!! I guess she gets lonely or cold, but she does not like being separated from her "Big Sister". They are wrestling on the rug right now in the living room! Both tails are wagging and the teeth are showing! They crack me up!

    I caved last night though and let the girls sleep together in the hopes I would get to sleep in! My evil plan worked and they let me sleep until the late late morning time of 715am. LOL!!!

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    lol My anabell is like that too..I have to hold it up or she tries to squeeze threw with alex when he opens
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    My dog seems to do the opposite, she's recently started where she DOESN"T want to go out at all.....I hold the door open and she just backs up... she'll sit at the door like she wants out but you open the door and she will literally run away.....hmm

    Anyhow your dogs are adorable! and I love your stories about them!! Hopefully they'll learn to sleep apart and both will use the door.

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