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Thread: American bulldog and/or Boxer owners...?

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    American bulldog and/or Boxer owners...?

    Anyone have one of those?
    DF wants a bulldog, and I want a boxer. How much did you pay for yours? I know what boxer's are like, my dad has i know they are over-all great dogs. But what about bulldogs...i dont know anything about them, except theyre so ugly theyre cute!
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    I have a boxer we paid $600 for him in Hawaii, dogs are pretty expensive over there.

    American bulldogs aren't really ugly though, they aren't short and squatty like English bulldogs. I think they are adorable!
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    I have a boxer and love him to death. he is almost 7 and my third child. I would give my right arm to get another but DH wants our next dog to be a bulldog. I did research on them and they say they are great with kids, like boxers and very laid back. One site said if you want a dog to get up and jog with you each day you DON't want a bulldog. We paid $250 but my Aunt was the breeder.
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    I have two Boxers, one we paid $350 for and the other was a rescue.
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    I have a boxer and we paid 600 for him. He is the best dog I could ever have hoped for!! I don't know much about american bulldogs...I think english bulldogs are extremely cute though.
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    We have an American bull....she is a pain in the butt but she is so in love with my husband. I think we paid about 400 for her..we found a local breeder who had been doing it for a long time and just hadn't changed his prices. She is hard headed and talks back but other than that she is a pretty sweet girl. She loves her new baby brother and is always trying to make sure he is okay when he is crying. My parent's have 2 old english bull's and they are VERY smart dogs and sweet as well.

    American bulls aren't ugly at here are a few pics of our little girl.

    her baby picture

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