Well, before I left the states I had two awsome cats, Max a two year old siemese and Omni, a 2 year old cat...lol i dont know what kind he was
anyway when we found out we were moving to italy i couldnt take both of them with me. I finally decided after a lot of thinking that I would have to put Omni up for adoption cause I couldnt find a home for him. I had adopted him almost 2 years ago and I knew he could handle the environment whereas Max came from a home of about 15 cats and had never been by himself, i was afriad the kennel would kill him from lonleyness. Anyway....I found someone here who is moving and needs a home for her cat. I just wanted to ask you wish us luck, cause I know that Max will be more than happy to have another feline compagnion cause he has been so miserable since we had to put Omni up. I just hope the new kitty will adjust well.

sorry this ended up being longer than i intended...lol