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Thread: puppy licks!!?

  1. Jessi
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    puppy licks!!?

    okay so my puppy oreo has the most annoying habit of licking me all the time!!! why do puppies and dogs do that does anyone know...i heard it was coz they like salt but i'm not sure if i believe it...
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    I have always heard that it was the salt too, but could it possibly be some type of lotion that you are using that could taste good to him?
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    Well 1. It's a way of showing affection.

    2. I think you are right. They definately like salt. Lol ever just got out of the beach or salt water pool? Hmm dogs just go straight for your legs and lick them to death.

    Also- their saliva can be quite good for you lol. It can act as a sort of antiseptic.. which is quite unique because usually our own saliva is the only sterile saliva- foreign saliva can spread germs and nasties but dogs saliva yes, seems to be a sort of antiseptic. Talk about man's best friend.
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    my puppy does the same thing from time to time. she gets completely obsessed with licking a single spot (poodles are a little obsessive like that). she likes to lick me most if i just worked out which would support the salty theory
  5. Jessi
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    For salt and healing purposes...well i can't argue with that long as it isn't clogging his arteries i'll let him do it, i just get so sticky lol

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