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Thread: She's Lucky She's Cute

  1. Turtle2_6
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    Giggle She's Lucky She's Cute

    So DB went on deployment a couple days ago and the last two morning he has been able to call me.

    It's like clockwork, everytime my cat aroura hears me talk to DB she jumps on my chest and start meowing in her cute "PAY ATTENTION TO ME!" meow

    It usually works but i don't know when i will talk to DB again so it's really annoying that she does that during phone calls...but she's adorable...haha i'm torn

    All i can say is, she's lucky she's cute
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    aw-how cute!
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    awww. cute
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    cosby does it to me too.
  6. ericalynn2007
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    Thats funny cause I love my cats and my female when I am writing him letters she rubs up against me to pay attention to her. The cutest thing is that in the morning she licks my face and rubs her paw on my face also. I say she is lucky she is so darn cute. I am so glad my db got them for me 3 years ago. They keep me company.
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    Yeah, my cats always want attention when I am doing something for my DB. If I'm on the phone, they rub their face against mine (if they can get to it) and try and bite the phone. Or if I'm writing a letter, they decide they want to LAY on the letter.

    It's annoyingly cute.

    I've been living life, and loving every trial.

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