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Thread: Oh no...

  1. chrissy0718
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    Oh no...

    We adopted a Beagle yesterday for about 20 minutes (while we waited for the cops to come pick him up and take him back home) and our puppy fell in love with him! Her little face lit up like it was Christmas. Then as the beagle's leaving she stands on her hind legs and looks out the door.. then turns around, walks away and whimpers. So now, once we get the money, we have to get her a companion (a husky!).
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    awww, that's so sweet!

    My dog is way too jealous of my attention to want a companion.
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    aww!! i LOVE HUSKY'S!!! i have a gray and white one!! his name is gusty and he is 9 years old!!! great doggies!!!

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