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Thread: how to deal with unwanted advice?

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    Roll Eyes how to deal with unwanted advice?

    Do you have any friends who have dog /same type of pets as you and think they are a dog / pet expert? A friend of dh and I keeps telling us that we need to be more firm with our dog. Saying how we treat him is wrong. He just got his black lab puppy in February. We've had our 13 lb. doxie for 2+ years. He said we need a shock collar and need to have him fear us. Just wondering who has friends or family like that?
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    Don't ever take advice from them. He needs to "fear" you?

    Raise your dog how you know how, and if you need help, ask someone who knows what they're talking about instead of someone who immediately recommends a shock collar. Those collars work IF the dog needs that kind of discipline.
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    I've had people try and tell me stuff like that and I just let it roll off my soulder. Opinions are like you know what I just tell them that that might be right for them, but I'm perfectly happy with my dogs and how they act.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GMEdwardsWife View Post
    He said we need a shock collar and need to have him fear us.
    Would he treat his kids that way as well?

    I believe one should be kind but firm. Being too nice won't do the dog any good, but there is no need in leaning towards the extreme.
    There's a Swedish saying that goes something like "violence will start where the knowledge ends", that was a very free translation and probably sounds a little weird but hopefully you people get the message in it.

    Maybe that guy should stick to stuffed dogs that can be bought at the nearest toystore.
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    I have a few...I just say "yeah..." and then change the subject..and if they keep talking about it then I either tell them I have to go or just keep talking about other stuff. If they really get on nerves then I tell them I already found a way to fix it or he is fine.
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    I smile & nod and then I do what I think is right for my little ones. I've found that debating with this type of person tends to be unproductive.

    Every so often though, the unsolicited advice types surprise me with some good and useful information... but that's rare.

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