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Thread: Do your pets miss your SO?

  1. NGsoldiersgirl
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    Do your pets miss your SO?

    My oldest dog Jake sat in Db's chair every night around six and would whine like crazy. That was the time that Db and I would sit in the living room and just catch up on how are days had gone and all of that. Jake loves Db so he was the one who fusses the most.
  2. miss.p
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    Our cats would sleep in his spot on the bed for a while after he left. I think they've forgotten him by now
  3. Account Closed
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    oh yes-my cat & dog both miss him when he is gone & they look for him through the house
  4. hurry up and wait....
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    yep. my cats whine for him, and they know when he calls...I usually have to put the phone on speaker and let them "talk" to DH
  5. Lilithdrff
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    Our dog whines every morning when DH goes to work, lol.
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    Aww, our rats don't even notice when he's gone. He's the mean one with them so i know they like me more than him.
  7. eeyore_adw
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    My dog misses DH terribly since he's deployed. She sleeps on his side of the bed, with a blanket he slept with and cuddled with her with, when he first left she was hardly eating, she seriously mopes around the house,looks out the window for him..and is just generally very sad. I too let them "talk" when he calls, and recorded a message from him to her to play for her...
    AND he misses her so much , he's really afraid that she's forgotten him and will have nothing to do with him when he gets home. But I think she'll just be extremely excited!
  8. MilitarySOS Jewel
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    My dogs miss my DH if he just goes to the grocery store...
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    My girls miss DH when he leaves. More Sophie right now than Maycie, but DH went to get us dinner last night and Maycie sat at the front door and whined and scratched because he left so I'm pretty sure they will be just as mopey as I am when deployment gets here. He leaves for a little over a month soon so I'm sure the girls will talk to him on the phone! LOL!! This will be the first deployment for both of them! So I'm sure it will be interesting. He keeps saying they will forget him while he's gone. I know they won't!

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    I think my cat did because he would sniff his side of the bed. But I've washed the sheets so many times since hes been gone all his scent has been washed away. Im pretty sure the cat has forgotten him.
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