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Thread: Those with female dogs.....

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    Confused Those with female dogs.....

    .....I'm a little worried about the incision area where Lily had her spay. There are bumps and some look red. Some are hard and under the incision or above it. I have a pic if it will help. When I go to work today, I'm going to show the vet. Anyone else's dog had this afterward? She got her sutures out yesterday so it's been 2 weeks since her surgery.
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    It's normal to see those bumbs and for them to be a little red. There are internal sutures that you are feeling.
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    My first Lucy had those too when I got her spayed! Just ask your vet!
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    Scar tissue is forming and there are also dissolvable suchers under the skin. I wouldn't worry at all. It's only been 2 weeks. Have you ever had surgery? It's kinda like humans when we get surgery our incsion is forming scar tissue and it gets bumpy and sometimes red.
    I'm sure your doggy is just fine. I would pay more attention to her eating, drinking, and peeing and pooping. Make sure that's all normal and that she isn't running any kind of fever.
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    Yup! Both of my girls had/have that. Maycie's are still visible. Her incision has healed completely at this point, but you can still feel where the incision was under the skin. The only thing the vet said to watch out for with the incision is if it starts to ooze at all. Then you know there is an infection set. Other than that it's the natural healing they go through! I'm sure she's fine!!!!!

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