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Thread: I think I liked it better when they all hated each other

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    I think I liked it better when they all hated each other

    We brought home a new foster on Saturday (the one I posted pics of earlier who looks a lot like one of our kitties). As usual, there was the adjustment period in which everyone hated each other - not just hating the new cat but it disrupted the pecking order in the existing group as well so it was chaos. Thankfully, that was shortlived and by Monday all but one of them had gotten over themselves. Now I have the opposite problem - the new kitty(Brooklyn), the one that looks like her (Peaches) and our "baby" (Rocky) are the best of friends and spend HOURS a day running, full speed, from one end of the house and back again, tackling each other along the way. They are so absorbed in their game that they can't be bothered to look where they are going or think about the areas they are/aren't supposed to go (ie the counters, top of the tv, tables, etc). They dash from room to room leaving a path of destruction in their wake - and they couldn't be more pleased with themselvs
    The really surprising thing about this introduction has been that the ONE cat who has never had an aggression issue at all has been the one that has held out the longest with her anger and STILL gives the new cat a hard time.
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    Sorry you're having kitty kaos, but I d because I can just imagine them running amok!

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