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Thread: Sunny's first vet visit

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    Sunny's first vet visit

    Boots had an appointment to get her nails clipped today so I called and asked if I could bring Sunny along. That way her first vet experience won't be getting shots. lol She let the vet look at her ears and teeth. Poor Boots doesn't like going to the vet anymore cause the last two times they cleaned her ears. At first she didn't want to come out of the carrier, then she was all tensed up and tried getting to me. When the vet tried to look at her ears she put them flat on her head. Luckily they were clean this time so no need to clean them.
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    mean ole mommie you are. lol. i know all about the vet trips though. i have 2 cats and my one Simba , as soon as she sees the kitty crate, she is gone!

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