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Thread: I got two new puppies

  1. Bowman'sWifey
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    I got two new puppies

    I think I am crazy...Today I went to Walmart with my mom and as we were leaving these people were outside giving away free puppies...They are Feist/Beagle mix...So cute...I have always wanted a Beagle but my dh says no on them...Well when it comes to dogs Im a sucker for them and they were just so cute and well I took two of them a boy and girl...I already have two dogs(Boston Terriers/boy & girl which the girl is a puppie too I just got her not to long ago)...What am I going to do with 4 dogs? I think I am nuts...but I cant help it...I just new if they were coming home with me they would have a good home and be well takin care of...My dh dosent know yet and I am afraid to tell him he is going to flip out on me cause he wants to get a pitbull or and English what to do...I dont know...But I wanted to know if anyone has or has seen a Feist dog...I dont know what they even look like (purebred) or know anything about them, so I am wondering how big they are going to get?
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    I have no idea...never heard of one! You remind me of my best friend & I. I rented out a bed room from her & her dh about 4 years ago. We both worked for vet's just different ones in different countys! Anyways her & her dh have a huge extremely nice home & we had 7 dogs between the 2 of us!! I had 2 & she had 5!!! LOL!!! But they where all taken care of, on heart worm meds & up to date on all shots!!! & they all slept in the beds with us...2 in mine & 5 in hers...she has a cal. king!!! LOL!!!
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    Congrats on the puppies!

    Here's a link about Feist dogs. I've never heard of them either until now.
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    Wow 4 dogs!! Congrats on the new additions!
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    congrats!!!post some pics
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    A Fiest is a little Rat Terrier type dog. Kinda looks like a fox/terrier mix. They are used to hunt squirrels.

    4 dogs...WOW!
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