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Thread: Responsible Pet Owner Day..

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    Responsible Pet Owner Day..

    I asked this before but I need to see what everyone thinks is the most important things that people should learn?

    Also, would you want to see events or demos?
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    That is a good question, I think a responsible pet owner should do this Before adopting:

    1. Research your pet, the breed of your pet, etc. Make sure you know asmuch as possible about the animal you are about to bring into your home.
    2. Buy all the necessary basics and have them ready when you bring your new friend home

    After adopting:
    1. Find a good Vet close to your area, and be prepared to take your new friend to the vet for all the necessary check-ups, and at the drop of a hat at the first sign of illness. I feel that if someone can't afford to take their animal to a vet, they shouldn't have one.

    2. Make sure your animal is in the best environment possible. when you adopt an animal you take full responsiblity for its well being, so a person should be able to give that animal the best life possible

    3. Be prepared to have your pet in your family for the REST of its life. I feel that if someone is not sure they can make a lifetime commitment to an animal, they should not adopt one.

    Thats all I can think of for now
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    how to research your breed

    truth and myths of some of teh more "vicious" breeds

    the truth about spaying and neutering

    why you should have your dog microchipped

    how to give your pet the best life possible

    dogs and cats are not the only pets

    how to incorporate a child into a family with a dog

    good informational sites on healthcare, toenail clipping, declawing (pro and con b/c you won't ever stop someone from doing it but make sure it's true information),
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    Definitely how to research the animal that they are going to be getting and finding out what food, living arrangement, etc. is best.

    As for dogs, care of puppies! Socialization and house training being two huge issues. Even with older dogs how to socialize them with the family and with other dogs if they have one already.

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