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Thread: constant vomitting- Cat

  1. googlegirl
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    constant vomitting- Cat

    BF and I are cat sitting. The cat is constantly throwing up (5+ times a day) -- we realized she came with IAMS cat food, which may be contaminated (?!) so switched to a clean organic brand-- she hasn't eaten any of it so far, but hasn't thrown up either. BF found some cat treats, which she will eat, that's supposed to be good for hairballs. Any other advice?
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    Take her to the vet for a check up just to be sure.
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    Take her to the vet, they'll give her some prescription food to settle her stomach and recommend a good food. If you believe the food to be contaminated, send a note to iams & let them know- they'll ask you to mail them a sample (they pay for the shipping) to test it & they usually send you a ton of coupons! They did it for us
    My youngest cat has reflux, we found a food that she doesnt vomit (very often) with and we stuck to it.

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    Thanks! -her owner mentioned she had this problem- I can't believe she PCS'd and forgot her health papers the day she was flying & I can't believe she didn't already have some perscription stuff for her since it was an onging problem--owner will be back in 2 weeks, but I don't want to delay it- other than the vomitting, she's alert & Very affectionate- a good kitty. I'm calling vet now.
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    I bet she has some hairballs.. I used to have a siamese that hairballed all the time, I switched her to Science Diet hairball remedy, and gave her a hairball treatment once a week.. Science Diet also makes a food for sensitive stomaches..
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    Big Grin

    hooray- DB bought a really expensive organic food for cats with hairballs- even though hairballs weren't coming up- she likes it and hasn't puked in over 48 hours (knock on wood!)- she's happy and alert- for a while there, she wasn't eating the other expensive organic stuff & wasn't doind so great- but now she's all perky and frisky again
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    Awww. I hope she feels better soon!
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    I would take her to the vet for a check up.

    Our cat has been regurgitating recently. Turns out he's constipated The food isn't even making it down to the stomach to be digested. He started doing it a lot right after we left Hawaii and I think it's all the stress from moving that has his system all screwed up.

    I actually googled up stuff on cats throwing up and there are lots of different reasons why they do. Some cats just throw up a lot and sometimes it's a medical issue. Always better safe than sorry.

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