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Thread: My spiny black devil died last night

  1. bunkie
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    My spiny black devil died last night

    It was an algae sucker he died. We've had him for almost a year. Now we only have 1 fish in a 29 gallon tank. Its a blue gouramis named betty and man that fish is resilient!! She has survived the deaths of the entire first tank. Ick twice, gout once, then some weird illness I couldn't figure out. I treated that with salt and she was fine after a few days. Then she survives the second tank of fish dieing and lastly the black devil. Shes still swimming around having a good time. Here is my dilema. I dont think this fish is going to ever die We move in March (maybe feb) and I plan on giving her to a local fish store. Thing is, do we just let her be alone until we move or do we add a few more fish?

    FYI: when we move to WA I am NOT doing the fish thing ever again.
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    Sorry that your fish died.

    Kinda sorry you got one hardcore fish holding on?!

    Not sure what to tell you.

    I'm almost NO HELP, huh?!
    I would like to be with my for a while but thats what made me so tired in the first place!

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