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Thread: Bearded Dragon

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    Help Bearded Dragon

    Hello, Sorry but I don't know if this go here. I'm try to find a new home for my DS's Bearded Dragon. DS has stoped taking care of him. So the care of the Bearded Dragon has fellen on me. And I just think it is time to find him a new home. The Dragon's name is Fireball. He is 2 and a half years old. he likes to be peted but is not happy to be held. If you would like to give him a new home. Or know of some one the can. Please let me know. Yes I would like to keep him, but I think there is some one out there take care give him a better home. Thanks.
    Retiring very soon.
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    so cute. i love bearded dragons. if i was closer i'd tried to take it but dh says no
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    We had beardies along time ago...if I was closer I would take him in a heartbeat! Good luck!

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