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Thread: Betta Fish

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    Betta Fish

    So, we decided to get a betta fish recently. My husband and I read up on their needs, and purchased a 3.5 gallon tank, gravel, silk plants (so the decor didn't tear his fins), water conditioner, food, and aquarium salts. We also have a heater and a special betta fish filter in the tank. We asked at the pet store if we needed to wait to add the fish and the woman said no, but he didn't adapt well (even though we introduced him slowly without the lights on, made sure the water was the right temp, etc). He was dead this morning 😔

    We want to get another fish, but want to make sure we've got the right set up before we do. After more reading, it looks like we should've cycled the tank? The pet store lady said that was unnecessary because we only have one fish but that's the only thing I can think of (that I can find with google) that we may be doing wrong. I'm going to do more reading and get a good test kit online so we can cycle the water before getting a new fish, but can anyone else chime in with any other suggestions? Or point me in the direction of a good resource?

    Also, this is probably premature, but, how do you PCS with a fish?
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    You may have just gotten a sick fish...I've had several betas thorugh out the years and have basically just put them in a beta tank with some gravel, my last one lived 3 or 4 years. I've never had a filter for a beta except for once I used a plant on the top...

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    Hi! We had a betta fish for a year and a half (he recently got sick and passed away, much to the ongoing grief of younger son). You definitely need to set the tank up and let it sit for at least 24 hours before putting a new fish in! I never cycled the tank, as we only had one fish. He was fine until he got a really stubborn fin rot and fungal infection that I just could not cure no matter what I tried. And I did try everything - I think the problem may have been that I didn't know what the early signs were, and so by the time symptoms had advanced to where I could identify what was wrong with him, he didn't respond well to the treatment.

    And I always drove my fish around if we were going out of town for a while (like weeks or months, I'd leave him at home for a weekend or four-day trip). He did get a little stressed out during an evacuation - didn't we all - and turned white, but he was fine after an hour or so of sitting on a stationary surface!
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    Most companies will let you bring the deceased fish back for another one if it's within a few days. Please don't get the fish from Walmart - my mother worked there for 25 years and said kids would run around and shake the fishes hard. Super sad
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    I would allow the tank to cycle and aerate for at least 24 hours before introducing a fish. If you have public water it is likely chlorinated, which should be volatilized prior to adding fish. Whenever we introduced we placed the fish in the bag into the water in the tank and then allow the temps to equilibrate before "dumping" the fish from the bag into the tank water. I have never traveled with a fish for more than an hour or two in a car, but a plastic bag with water worked fine. A longer trip you might need to bubble air through the water every day.
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    Like others have said I always leave a tank for at least 24 hours before adding any fish, but it is also possible that you had a sick/injured/weak fish. Where did you buy it from? Walmart and Petco are notorious for having sick bettas. Bettas are pretty tough fish and don't need much. I had one live for a very long time in one of those vase tanks with a plant on top. When you PCS I would buy a bucket for live bait, they have aerators and lids, so he'll be fine to travel for long periods!
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    Do not dump the water that is in the betta dish in the tank with him. Make sure he has hiding spots and either a floating log or leaf to rest on because their fins get heavy. Glad you went with a 3.5 tank, anything under 2 gallons is not acceptable for bettas. add a bit of aquarium salt to the water, it will help condition it and help with any ickyness or stress he is suffering from transport. Oh and if you want to test the water don't use the little strips, they're crap. You need a legit water testing kit to get accurate results.
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    You need to cycle your tank before adding fish.
    Here is a youtube that explains it. If you wanna skip her BS the actual video starts at 30 seconds

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