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Thread: Hyperpigmentation in dogs?

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    Hyperpigmentation in dogs?

    About 5 days ago I noticed what looked like dirt on my dog's chest and in the crooks between his legs and belly. He had been outside a lot and I thought he was really dirty, but it didn't come off in the bath. Since then the dark area has been spreading further up his chest and across his belly. I've been reading a lot about it and while there are a lot of simple things it could be there is also Alopecia X. I'm taking him to the vet regardless to get it looked at, but I just wanted to know if anyone has ever had experience with this.
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    I just googled it and I'm pretty sure my lab has it as well on her underside. But it just looks like dark skin (like dirt yes) it doesn't look thick. I noticed it a few years ago but it didn't seem to bother her so I let it go. She's black and the discoloration is in a small area, so its not obvious. I'm no help to you, but I'm going to ask the vet this year too now If it looks like its spreading probably best to have it looked at.
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    My pug started turning black on his underside and by his hind legs. He was fawn all over before that. My vet said it could be diabetes or a thyroid problem. We never had him tested due to his age and he was put down soon after, but maybe ask your vet. I know Im not much help, lol.

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