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Thread: Ghost cat?

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    Ghost cat?

    I'm currently visiting my DF's sister, and she is renting the place I used to live at. My former neighbor came over and asked me if I had brought my cat with me. I told him no. He had a puzzled look on his face and I asked him why. He said his cat passed away about this time of year 4 years ago. Every year at this time she would kill mice and leave the remains at the door, never eating them, just letting him know what she had done. Even when she was old and ill, she found the strength to kill at least one mouse. He said the last 3 years that in the last part of October he has continued to find at least one dead mouse outside his door, even though they never replaced the cat. At first he thought my cat had done it when I used to live there, but he knew I didn't live there any more. He also knew DF's sister didn't own a cat, just dogs. I told him, no, even when I lived there I never let my cat out by herself to just roam, I was always within eyesight of her. So something is leaving a dead mouse but not claiming ownership of them. He had even put up a trailcam to see if he could get a picture of the gift giver, but it didn't go off, All it got was pics of them coming and going. Weird.
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    That's so cool!

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    There needs to be a blowing rainbows, sunshine, butterflies, and happiness up an asshole smiley.
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    It's totally doable!! We recently lost our Bengal cat due to HCM and I swear sometimes when I am sitting on the couch watching TV late at night, I feel him brush up against my leg like he always did when wanted to be rubbed. The hairs on my arm stand on end every time it happens. It really freaked me out the first few times. Then when I had my son, my husband's family came to visit and my MIL was sitting on the couch while I was in the kitchen putting some milk in the fridge. I was coming around the corner and she says "I didn't know you got a new cat" As she was leaning down with her hand.. It really freaked her out when there wasn't a cat there. I felt so validated that I wasn't going crazy. HA!

    I have never ever been a believe in things like this, but I most definitely believe now.
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    That's awesome! All I ever get are people from the other side.

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