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Thread: Going on Vacation What do I do with my dog??

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    Help Going on Vacation What do I do with my dog??

    Ok so this winter my family has decided to road trip it down to Florida. I have no idea what I should do with my dog Otis. Should we take him with us? If the drives too long will he be ok or will he get sick?? Should I leave him with a friend or family member? Will he think I abandoned him if I do that?? Or is there a place that would be able to care for him for a week?? I need help! If any one could tell me what they've done with their pets when they go on vacation I would really appreciate it!
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    Some people board their animals, either at their vet clinic or at a specific boarding place. Some have a pet sitter or friend come and walk/feed/care for them, or leave them at a friends house. Some people take pets. Decide what is best for both your dog, your family and your pocket-book.

    Personally, I would never, ever take a pet with me on vacation. What a hassle, and having to lug a crate around because I would be too nervous my dog would tear apart a hotel room because I would be leaving him in a strange place. Nope. Before I became a vet, we always just boarded our pets. NBD.
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    Well, you have two options: take him with you, or leave him.

    Has he ever been on a road trip before? He'd probably be fine as long as you stop every few hours, make sure he's hydrated, and keep him comfortable on a bed or blanket in the car. How long is the drive for you? Make sure that you get a pet friendly hotel in Florida (that may cost extra).

    If he stays behind, you'll have to decide if you want him to stay with a friend or drop him at a pet care place. Boarding can be expensive and some even cost extra for playtime. But it's also a good idea because you don't have to worry about anything and you can call and check in! I'd just google some nearby and visit before deciding where to board your dog. Yelp reviews are pretty great for things like that.

    Personally I don't take my cats to a "pet hotel" because they much prefer staying at home in their own environment. I usually pay a friend of mine/person they're familiar with come check on them twice a day and spend time with them. Plus, cats tend to be more finnicky than dogs and I don't like to disrupt their routine unless I absolutely have to. I feel more comfortable having a friend I trust come check on them/the house, and I also end up spending way less money than if I'd paid a professional pet care place.
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    I have 3 dogs and do one of the following:
    - Take them with me - this is usually for 5 hour or less driving trips to family locations where I am comfortable bringing them (Xmas for example)
    - Hire a friend/sitter/dog walker to come into my house a few times per day to care for them (or sometimes people will stay at my house)

    I have also previously boarded them at a friend's doggy daycare overnight facility, but I no longer live in that area. I typically don't board at my vet because there's 3 of them and they'd be separated. If you do plan to board at a facility, check their requirements because some places require bordatella - you'll have to get that beforehand.

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    We always have a friend watch Ella and she does perfectly fine!

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    The only time we take the dog with us for a vacation is when we are camping, otherwise she's too much of a big dog/lose cannon for use to bother with.

    I leave my dog with my parents, and if they are unavailable a friend or the vets.
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    When I lived in Hawaii, we had a friend come stay at our place and take care of our dog. Another time, we went away for a weekend and left him at a friend's house. That went fine. When I lived in Louisiana, we brought him (and a brand new puppy!) down to Florida in the car with us and that also went fine, but we were staying with my family. If we were going to be in a hotel or anything I wouldn't bring them.

    Travel time is a concern too. I gave my dogs tranquilizers to put them to sleep and keep them from getting car sick but it's still a pain to travel with animals. If your trip is longer than a few hours you're gonna have to stop way more than you normally would, and I don't think most dogs are really good about like getting out of the car and peeing immediately, mine always want to walk around and sniff for a million years and then half the time they're too scared to go at all anyway.
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    We always board our dogs at the vet. It isn't the fancy place that does doggie day camp with lots of play time, but I feel safe leaving them with a vet. I have an old dog (13 yrs old) and if something were go go wrong, I know they would be able to take care of him in the best way possible.

    We have left them with friends before, it is always nice because they enjoy being in a home like environment. But, my dogs are crazy (one is an escape artist) so I don't really trust a lot of people with them.

    If you plan on taking your dog with you, I would think about a few things:

    1. Does he get car sick on long drives? If he does, do not take him.
    2. Are you going to be at your destination for the better part of the day? If you are renting a beach house that would be a better situation than if you were to go to Disney World where you aren't going to be at the hotel very long.
    3. Will the accommodations accept pets? Staying in multiple hotels where there is a $50 a night pet fee probably won't be the best idea.

    We have taken the dogs on a few vacations, we only took them because they dog friendly places or they were to visit family.
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    I usually take my dog(s) with me. All have given signs like gettong antsy that they need to go to the bathroom or just need fresh air. Make sure you look for pet friendly hotels(if you need them) and have water in a cooler.

    Leaving your dog home with someone works fine too and like others have mentioned they have boarding places. I know of a few places that the dogs love and others they hate so make sure you look into them and get reviews first.
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    If we are traveling to my best friend's in SC, the dogs come with me.

    Any other travel, the dogs get boarded at their vets. We've been lucky to have some amazing vets, here and back in SC, that my doxie really took to. She is a picky dog, so I feel better if she is with people that she feels comfortable with. My lab just gets mopey that I'm not there, no matter where he is. He's a serious Mama's boy. But, he loves the extra love from the vet techs.
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