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Thread: Heartworm Meds and Rawhide questions

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    Heartworm Meds and Rawhide questions

    Charlie had another vet appointment today and the vet gave me a sample of Iverhart Max for heart worms. I've never heard of this and with a search on MSOS, I've only seen it mentioned a time or two.

    Just was wondering some thoughts on this specific medicine, or looking for recommendations for others. I haven't given the Iverhart Max to her, yet.

    Bonus question---My dad was visiting with his dog and he had a rawhide. It's not bone-like, it's more like a small-ish square sheet. We did not plan letting her have rawhides period because as far as I knew, it was a chocking hazard. Unfortunately, Charlie got a hold of it and loves it. Nothing we have given her (Puppy kong, toys of all kinds, nylabone (MSOS research says this is bad and will be thrown away )) keeps her so entertained as this rawhide. I'm pretty sure she's teething really bad and it's given my hands and face a nice break from her puppy teeth, TBH.

    Should I take it away?

    There's just so much stuff she's not allowed to have because she's meant for hunting. No toys that squeak and no tug toys.
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    My family dog used to love rawhide too. We would just make sure to only let her have it when supervised in case she did start to choke. Never had an issue though. Have you tried smoked bones? We went to a specialty pet shop where they smoked their own buffalo bones. The thing is was HUGE. I mean.... It did come from a buffalo. Anyway, our pup roxy (see siggy) loved it.
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    Have you tried antlers or are those on the No list too?
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    Iverhart is a great medication, except it currently is on backorder in some parts of the country, so it may be hard to get for the next few months, but its great. As for rawhides, I dont love them, but usually they are ok as long as you remove them before they get too small.
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    No input on the meds. I give my dogs a flat rawhide like that every day (someones gonna yell at me for this). It is the only thing that keeps them occupied for like 10 minutes..they love it..they are both chewers (and nothing has been destroyed in my house since I started giving it to them). I only give it to them when I am here though. I would stop if I noticed it messed up their digestive system (which is usually pretty sensitive) but they have no problem with it...some dogs do.
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    We do pig ears or cow hooves instead of rawhide. They also REALLY love raw frozen marrow bones. My two LOVE rawhide, but I'm not comfortable giving it to them.

    We do a lot of natural chews, and they love them too. When we have a box delivered (I order online because it's cheaper), they will sit by the box and wait for me to open it. They have started doing this to any box we get, thinking it's for them.
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    Rawhides are a choking hazards but they are also a cause for concern when it comes to bowel obstruction, they expand when they meet with stomach acid and can cause a blockage in the intestines. This can be prevented if you take them away before your dog can eat the last big chunk.

    I don't let my dogs have rawhides but in substitute of them I give them busy bones (they have puppy versions) and they love them! It gives them something to chew on and keeps them busy for a while.

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    We give our pup bully sticks and I know those are somewhat better than raw hides but they have a slightly higher fat content so it can be an issue for pups who have a weight problem. The only other crappy thing with the bully sticks is they smell SO bad but honestly I think he likes them way more because they smell good to him even though they're stinky to us.

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    I don't give my dogs rawhides. I give then knuckle bones or antlers instead.

    I once read that if you buy rawhides to make sure they are made in the USA. Apparently other countries use chemicals to make them that we don't consider safe in the U.S. Some articles say to avoid them alltogether because they are toxic and slowly poison the dog. I wouldn't buy them.

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    I use rawhides....he gets one a week and when he's done, he's done. I only let him have it when I'm home but nothing seems to mess with his stomach and he hasn't choked yet.

    As for heartworm meds....I do an all-natural one.
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