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Thread: Dog nails.

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    Dog nails.

    I meant to ask the vet if they would trim her nails when I took Charlie for a booster shot on Friday but I forgot. I'm not really ready to take her to a groomer yet because I don't want her to get sick. Aside from the vet I haven't taken her to really any public place where other dogs have been.

    I've debated doing it myself, but it would be her first time and mine. It's a bad idea right?

    She's 11 weeks old.
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    I have trimmed all of my dogs' nails since they were puppies. Could never justify paying the $$ to have someone else do it when they're perfectly fine with me. They don't love it, but they tolerate it because they know they get treats afterwards. I bought a nail dremel a few years ago, but honestly it's quicker and easier for me to just use the dog nail clippers.

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    We have always trimmed Mason's nails at home. When he was a puppy we would put a wad of peanut butter down on the floor and he would lick that while we trimmed them. It kept him distracted and made the whole process a lot easier. now that he is older he is used to having them trimmed and will lay down and let us trim them no problem.
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    I'm antsy about it, so DH does it while I hold/massage/dispense treats to them. We tried clipping but ours prefer the dremel.
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    I'm a groomer so they taught me at work how to do them plus my dog has clear/white nails so it's easier than if the dog has black ones. I think you can do it, if they're white then just go up to before the pink starts, if they're black you can just do a little at a time or if you do them like with the nail pointing up like if you flick his wrist back then when you clip and you get close to the quick it'll look white and chalking and then slowly a black dot will form in the middle, once you see that stop. Also if you do quick them it's not a life or death thing just put a little flour on it and hold it in there a minute.

    Also lots of praise and treats after each time so they know it's a good thing to have them cut.
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    Buy a Dremel and file them instead! So much easier and less stressful. I got my dog's nail one time and cut the quick and I felt sooooo terrible and never cut them again. I just dremel them down here and there and then I can round out the edges so when the dogs are playing with the kids, I don't have to worry about scratches
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    Legit just got on here to post about this... I've done Remmy's nails ever since he was a puppy and his anxiety over it has gotten worse every time. Last time I ALMOST clipped the quick - didn't even because I let it go the second he yelped - but he cried for five minutes over his total sad little fear. So we just tried to do them again tonight and it's clear it's not going to happen anymore. Tried everything from letting my husband hold the peanut butter while I just clip with his foot on the floor, and progressed to my husband basically trying to restrain him. But yeah... I'm not going to traumatize him or myself by continuing to terrify him more... I will not bodily force him to hold still, that's terrible. And would obviously continue to get worse every time since it's already done so without scaring him like that before. WTFFFFF am I supposed to do with my gentle big pup?

    (PS I know I don't post like crazy anymore and rarely talk about my dog so for those that don't know, he is the most easily scared dog in the world. He doesn't get aggressive he just gets SCARED and sad. Like, before we started trying to clip I turned on a light we don't usually use and he tucked his tail and power slunk out of the room to his safe spot in the closet.)
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    My dogs have black nails and it scares me that I'll cut them and they'll bleed to death so I do the groomers.
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    Absolutely terrified to cut my pups nails! Id drop dead if I hurt him haha. So im really no help sry.
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    We clip our dog's at home. He was fine as a puppy and then wemt through a phase of freaking out when we tried amd honestly I was just about to give up. This is what worked: after every single nail I jumped up and praised him lile a lunatic, dance party, gave him a little glob of peanut butter, praise praise praise. I couldn't believe it turned him around but he's fine after a few sessions like that. Now I clip them and he acts like he is the champion of the world
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