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Thread: Banfield?

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    So I moved and there are a few vets around the area, but I'm curious to learn about Banfield. A neighbor of mine takes her two cats and her dog there and loves them. She has a Wellness Plan with them and says it's awesome. Peeps is 6 and is pretty healthy. She's had a couple incidents, but nothing serious. I'm debating between getting her on the Wellness Plan or just getting pet insurance.

    Does anyone use Banfield and/or have their Wellness Plan? Is it better to just get regular pet insurance or about the same?

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    I've read an old thread on here about ban field. Seems like the genreal consensus is to avoid them. Pretty sure Vino said not to use them.
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    We have ours on their wellness plan. I've heard people saying mixed things but we really love them and plan to continue using them in the future.
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    I work in a Petsmart and I don't like OUR ban field, I personally know the girls and how it's run I know they're expensive and can get you with that wellness plan. You get like one x Ray free or something and my co worker had an x Ray and was charged and was like "uh I get one free" and they were like "nope we ran one last time" basically without telling her and for the fuck of it so she ended up paying for the one she needed. I also don't like the idea of such a big chain vet, chains in a vet just kinda is weird to me. But I've never been there myself just from what I've seen and heard working at Petsmart for 2 years so it might be totally different where you are.
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    We have used them previously almost out of necessity. Honestly, we really liked the vet that we had there. However, everything is super marked up. $$$ I would recommend finding a "regular vet" if you can. You'll actually save money.
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    horrible, terrible, scam! Run! Some other issues with them.
    Find a local vet and ask them how much similar services will run.
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    It could be worse.
    Banfield scares me.

    It may sound super snobby of me but I'm always like "What is wrong with this vet that they work at a chain store and not at a real vet clinic/hospital?"

    Like I said, probably a super snob thing but I just don't trust them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lynn View Post
    Banfield scares me.

    It may sound super snobby of me but I'm always like "What is wrong with this vet that they work at a chain store and not at a real vet clinic/hospital?"

    Like I said, probably a super snob thing but I just don't trust them.
    My guess was always that they were 'new' whether it be to the area or to the field and did not want to have to gain clientele on their own. I deffo think they are marked up (just like Petsmart's groomers IMO) and I'd prefer to find a local vet to support.
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    They practice poor quality medicine because the doctors are unable to think for themselves. And I mean that in a way that I mean, legit, corporate forces them to follow the flow chart instead of using their brain. They literally have flow charts for every 'issue' and are unable to use their medical knowledge to solve problems. For example, in vet school we had a dog sent to us in internal medicine because the dogs ALP (liver enzyme) was high. This can mean a number of issues, from liver disease to chushings disease to cancer to a number of other things and banfield, apparently, couldnt work up a simple issue like this, so the owners had to pay for a specialist. Not only that, but 2 weeks prior the dog had itchy skin, so they gave it a steroid shot. Well, steroids increase ALP, but because the doctors HAVE to go by a flow chart instead of using their own brains, they are forced to tell owners they need to work up the increased ALP instead of saying, 'huh, I gave it a shot that I KNOW increases this liver value, I know I can ignore it, or simply retest the blood in 4 weeks. If its still high, then investigate'. Their hands are legit tied by beurocracy and they SUCK.

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