So we have finally finished our PCS and have been unpacking and figuring out where furniture belongs and such. But my 13 year old pooch I think is stressing out from all the change which is causing her some gastrointestinal issues. We've been running around like crazy trying to get everything done and I know that hasn't helped since she also can get separation anxiety but I'm going to be doing my best to spend as much time with her at home as I can for the next week or two so she can feel settled and have some stability. The first thing I dug out was her favorite frisbee so she can have something familiar. But at this point, I've even cooked up a batch of rice and chicken and given her some Pepto-Bismol because her stomach is so upset. I really don't think she's sick because she doesn't seem to have a fever and she still wants to eat and is acting otherwise normal, but this has been going on long enough to start to concern me, especially since we moved during the summer where it is over 100 degrees out every day. But her gums look good and she doesn't seem dehydrated. I just know she's is uncomfortable.

Any ideas for calming a stressed dog would be a huge help!