I forgot to add this earlier, I heard from the roomie's dad. The kittens' mom came back end of last week. He said she's fine physically but she was pretty pissed at the world going to assume someone took her in and she got out. I've seen that cat inside, she doesn't like it for long, how they managed for a week I'd love to know. She's dried up so the kittens can't go back to her, but at least she's ok. I have to admit I was pretty upset at the idea she was possibly dead.

Other than that we're pretty good, we're going to start the end stages of weaning this week, they're pretty happy already with the soft food. I'll be happy when they figure out that their claws retract though. May take them out in the yard later this week. Now that I see they're all ok I'm going to talk to the roommate about finding them homes. They're talking about keeping one, but we'll see.