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Thread: One dog vs two?

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    Smile One dog vs two?

    Any thoughts on this? I've been really wanting a second dog lately. I think Titan would enjoy it & I would love to rescue another pup. On the other hand I already have to vacuum twice a day to deal with Titan's shedding, two dogs may kill me based on that alone lmao. I also worry another dog might not be as well behaved as T is. I just want some perspectives from people who do have two or more dogs. Is two dogs way more trouble than one? Any things I need to consider that I maybe haven't?
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    I was really hesitant to get a second dog at first but DH talked me into it. In terms of "trouble" it's actually much easier imo having two ... they play with each other and are pals so Butters seems way less needy than he was before. DH and I both work a lot so I think it's good for them to have a friend to chill with during the day when we're not home. It's also more fun to get them stirred up and play than it was just us and Butters by himself. They bring out the best in each other I think.

    The downsides are the cleanup and the expense. Two dogs means double the expense for food, medicine, vet visits, boarding, etc. And yeah, the shedding is rough. It's actually been much better having a Roomba that we can have vacuum while we're away or doing something else, it just makes upkeep easier. Oh and there's also double the amount of poops to pick up on walks and in the yard.

    In terms of behavior we haven't had any issues. For us the second dog was better behaved lol. But we adopted her as an adult so we got to skip the puppy stage (thank GOD lol).

    If you're planning on rescuing a dog too, you can bring Titan to the rescue to meet any dogs you're interested in and see how they get along. Butters and Bella got along pretty well from the start and they've just gotten closer since we adopted her.
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    We have two male dogs, I was VERY hesitant at first, as was my Mom, who I was living with at the time, now we both are always saying that we will never not have two dogs instead of one. My dog ended up staying with her and her dog after she left (not because I wanted to dump my dog on her, nor because I couldn't take him with me, he had gotten so attached to her, and her dog, that I was afraid I would put both my dog and her dog into a depression if we separated them) having two dogs is MUCH easier than one in my opinion. It's kind of like the two kids vs. one argument. They end up spending so much time entertaining each other, you end up doing less work for two than one. You do need to take into account that it's obviously going to be more expensive with two, but as for actual care/vacuuming/etc. it's no more difficult than one, and in so situations, it's easier.

    We vacuum usually once a day, sometimes twice. You could always find a dog that doesn't shed as much as the one you currently have. My golden is extraordinarily hairy, but my beagle doesn't shed much, so we didn't end up vacuuming more one way or the other. The Golden was enough to need to vacuum at least once a day lol. Oh I meant to say in the beginning, both of my dogs are males.

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    If shedding is the main concern, look into breeds that don't shed as much and/or have very short coats. Greyhounds are a good example.
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    Tbh I have noticed no difference in the amount I have to vacuum between one golden and two lol. I'm vacuuming anyway, it makes no difference.

    It's easier having two IMO because they play together and basically never bother me. The cons are obviously double the expenses and I feel guilty sometimes because Clem is such a hog and now Finn can never just chill out and get petted anymore because she steps all over him and demands I pet her too. But I think overall, he's happier with her than without her. Poor bby was lonely.
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    I've never only had one dog. Everyone has their own personal limits as to what works for them. My limit is 4, but all my dogs are under 15lbs. I had 2 for the longest time and added the third when my eldest was getting up there in age. I unexpectedly added a 4th and eventually my eldest passed and I was back down to 3. I still have 3 and occasionally foster a 4th. At one point, I had 5, but that was a very unique circumstance and it was only for a few months. To me, having 3 dogs really isn't too different than 2 dogs. And like others have said, when you have more than one, they keep each other occupied and stuff. I don't think I could only ever have one dog

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    Totally depends on the personality of the dogs. I have had dogs that do not play with each other. So the thought that they will play together and have fun together might not be true. Also, if you walk your dogs, it can be a lot more difficult to walk two dogs. Not always, but it is something you want to be aware of. It can also be a bit harder to train one dog with another do hanging around. On the other hand, some dogs learn by watching another dog, so the new dog can sometimes learn the "rules of the house" that way.
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    We have 4 dogs (Maltese, all special needs) and 4 cats.
    so we adopted a pet nanny since the wife is now LD.
    our next step will be to reduce our vet expenses by kidnapping Dr. Vino Vet.
    more dogs, if small, are better.
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    We got littermates, and have really enjoyed having two at one time. The only downside is the expense of having two dogs. Two vet bills at once, twice the amount of food (and they are large breed), more treats and toys. Also twice the love and snuggles though.

    They pretty much occupy themselves if need be when we are doing something, and that's for sure nice.
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    I have two. I like having two because they play with each other, and keep each other company. They both shed.. but I guess by now I don't really notice it. We got Dixie at 8 weeks old, so we completely trained her. It was definitely a process, and infuriating at times, but she's really well behaved and we get a lot of compliments on our dogs behavior. Sometimes I think about getting a third dog but I feel like that would just be too much.

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