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Thread: AKC Good Citizen Certification

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    AKC Good Citizen Certification

    Hey guys,
    Has anyone ever gone through the process of getting their dog AKC Good Citizen certified? I would love to be able to bring my dog to hospitals to play with sick kids but he needs this certification to do it. I just don't know where to start with training, would multiple levels of training classes be sufficient to pass the test or do I need something more specialized?

    TIA for any experience
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    One of my dogs has his CGC. It was relatively easy to get, especially if your dog knows basic commands is well socialized. Here is some more information about it: About Canine Good Citizen - American Kennel Club - On page 20 it talks about what the test consists of, and how they judge it. You may need something a little more specialized because they normally see how your dog reacts around wheel chairs and normal hospital stuff. If you have that stuff around you may not need it.

    You also keep in mind, you may need to be a certified therapy dog to go into hospitals. I couldn't take my dog anywhere to hospitals/nursing homes/day cares without being a therapy dog. (Therapy Dogs International). I don't have much insight into that process because I could never get my dogs to be a therapy dog because one test is having them "come" and ignore food/toys. Yeah, never going to happen with my beagles.

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