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Thread: Giving your dogs meat

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    Giving your dogs meat

    Do you cook it first or give it to them raw? I've heard both and wasn't sure! It's not bad or anything like that. Just wondering what you'd do.
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    I cook it. I've heard it's fine to give it to them raw but that's disgusting to me.
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    When we had a dog, we always cooked it. We need Vino to weigh in!
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    I've heard/seen people do both. If we give any to ours, it's cooked.
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    I don't just give them a piece of meat raw ... sometimes if I'm cutting up meat and there's bits that are gristly or don't look good I'll save them for the dogs, but I cook them first.

    The only time we really give raw is when we get knuckle bones from the butcher, they still have bits of meat on them. I don't think they cook those, anyway.
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    I've heard of people feeding their dogs strictly raw food like meat and bones and eggs, but I try not to give them scraps at all because I can't stand being begged lol
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    I've only done cooked. I've seen people just take chunks of raw ground beef and hand it to their dog but I'm literally a freak and feel like my dog is my baby and I wouldn't give my baby raw meat
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    I just recently got a cat who is fed raw only. I was surprised to learn there is a whole product line of raw foods available for cats and dogs. Right now we are using Blue Ridge Beef products because they add in the different nutrients that just simply giving them raw meat doesn't give them.
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    I hear a lot of good things about B.A.R.F.

    I slightly looked into it so I can't say with knowledge or experience that it's healthy. But I did come across a community of people who see a lot of results in their dogs from it. Their dogs had the best muscle tone I've seen as well (they were also performace/working dogs).

    Some of them did strictly raw meat, others did raw meat with supplements.
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    I generally cook it if I give them any. I get that dogs can eat raw meat (and my dingo does eat things he kills sometimes), but a fresh kill that they tear into and eat, is different to me than animals that have been killed and processed and put into packaging a day or more ago. There is so much more opportunity for nasty bacteria to introduced on grocery store meat, so I don't like risking it. I did give the dane raw eggs for a while when I was trying to get weight on him, but it worried me and grossed me out. Thinking about it, I could have just boiled them and added them to his food....hindsight

    ETA: I just realized I have no actual proof of any of this, these are just my crazy thoughts. Now I should go research journals to find out if factory meat is really dirtier and which bacterial diseases effect dogs
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