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Thread: Fixin is done

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    Fixin is done

    Sweet little wieners had the operation today. Rex is doing pretty well now. He's taken a walk outside to go potty, and he's got an appetite. Some shaking but not too bad.
    Molly on the other hand is still shivering, not wanting to move, and not wanting to eat. So I'm giving her time.
    I picked them up from the peta van and they were the only dogs to be brought out wrapped in a blanket like a baby Vet said they did great, only health issue is rex has some retained baby teeth, which I somehow didn't notice! He has double K9 teeth right now.
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    Awww. I felt so bad for my mini doxie, Dixie, when I brought her home after she got fixed. She was wrapped up too and spent the day napping on my bed. She wasn't her normal rambunctious self.

    She was much better the next day though. I hope your pups feel better soon!

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