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Thread: Saw the specialist today

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    Saw the specialist today

    Took Sadie to her eye doc appointment today.

    First off, have to say it is REALLY fascinating to me what an animal opthomalogist does. I had no clue & watched in amazement as they tested my 13 week old puppy's eye pressure, tear production... Really cool IMO

    Also felt good the specialist told me that my vet made an excellent observation/diagnosis and was completely on the ball. I'll have to tell him that when I see him next

    Sadie needs surgery to remove it. And I had estimated what it would cost to do the surgery beforehand but DH was like "It shouldn't be that much. It's a simple surgery." Or so he thinks. I knew when the initial consult fee was $189 that the surgery would be MUCH more.

    So I get the estimate and DH is floored. I was less surprised. Had to remind him that even in healthcare, when you see a specialist the price goes up exponentially. He's not thrilled but who ever is when you are going to pay a bunch in vet bills? But she needs it and the longer we wait, the greater risk it is to her eyesight.

    Good news is the prognosis is excellent & once we get through this hurdle, she should be fine. Surgery is scheduled for February 12
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  2. we were all rooting for you
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    we were all rooting for you
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    Glad everything went well! I'll have my for Sadie!

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