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Thread: Anybody ever deal with entropion?

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    Anybody ever deal with entropion?

    Just got back from Sadie's 2nd puppy visit cause the conjunctivitis in her eye wasn't getting cleared up. Vet saw her and said he thought it was entropion and took her back to get another vet's opinion. Which the other vet concurred.

    Basically my understanding is that the lower eyelid is folding inwards and causing irritation to one of her eyes.

    So he wants to do a tacking procedure till she is bigger and we can determine if we need to do surgery once she is fully grown. From what I get of it, they suture her skin to hold it in place temporarily.... But how does that work if the skin grows around the stitches in the meantime?

    I'm thinking we have to do the tacking procedure but my mind is just perplexed on how that works. Is that something she has to be sedated for everytime? Is it redone every two weeks? Is it genetics that caused this or did her eye just fold wrong one time and it snowballed?

    Never dealt with this before so my mind is just kind of boggled.
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    Wow! I've never heard of the tacking procedure. We get hundreds of dogs in my shelter each year that undergo the entropion surgery... but we also only house them on a temporary basis so we don't have the resources to do procedures throughout time. I have seen the procedure done on puppies and adult dogs alike.

    With that being said... I have not met a single animal that would allow sutures to be done without sedation, anywhere on their body. Especially with their eyes. I would expect that they would need to sedate her and it can be rough on her depending on how they sedate her. I would call the vet and see if they can go more step-by step with you first. I would factor in the cost as well since you may end up doing surgery in the long run. I would also ask if they expect the surgery to be a permanent fix or if it may need to be repeated later in life. If its a one shot deal for surgery and the tacking procedure is just a temporary fix it may just be best to have surgery now than later.

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