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Thread: Coprophagia. Yuck. LOL

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    Coprophagia. Yuck. LOL

    Any advice? We feed him a good food (and it is the same food the breeder used/uses, so no transition). It didn't start until the second day we had him and after I started giving him these treats, so I wonder if it could be the treats, but I tried to pick one that seemed like it was good quality (Merrick Power Bites Salmon recipe)?

    I purchased "Potty Mouth" yesterday and gave it to him yesterday and today. The instructions say to do it for 2 weeks, and if that doesn't stop it then to double the dose and do it for another 2 weeks. I'm hoping this will "cure" him.

    I already try to pick up his poop immediately. The trouble is when he goes behind the table and poops and I don't notice until I hear him eating it (gross!). And obviously if he's left alone for even a short time, I can't get to it immediately. I take him outside (with a sweater) frequently and he also has a fake grass "Pooch Pad" (we keep it inside, but I also take it outside with us so that he has a warmer/softer place to stand).

    He is eating and drinking well and not showing any other signs of illness. (This is our 9 week old Boston Terrier.)

    And a bonus LOL:

    Beth, Mama to Emmalee (12), Evan (9), and Ella (4 on May 7) (I really REALLY need to update my picture!)
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    Since you're having an issue with him going behind the couch and not noticing in time, maybe try tether training? Or crate him whenever you can't have your eyes on him.
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    The "pooch patch" is actually pretty counter productive for house-training as it interferes with creating the mindset that elimination is an outdoor only activity.
    Tether training and crating at any time you will not be in a position to provide direct eyes on within reach supervision helps to set them up for success as it makes it all but impossible for there to be any "accidents" because you will be able to spot the first signs that there is a need to go out and take him directly out vs. allowing opportunity to sneak off and eliminate indoors.
    For the actual issue at hand, this is when teaching a good, solid "leave it" can also be helpful as part of your general training because you can use "leave it" to make waste something to be left, not eaten. Granted this is more a "down the line/long-term" fix, but it's an important one to work on. In the meantime, the above is going to be a more direct thing to use in the moment.

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