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Thread: Where did/does your puppy sleep?

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    Where did/does your puppy sleep?

    This is kind of a follow-up to my crate training question LOL. Poor Brutus was so upset and would not settle in his crate last night. I took him out to make sure he didn't need to eliminate, etc., and he still just would not settle. I've read everything from saying to ignore the cries (so as not to reinforce the crying/barking) to not letting it continue because it can make separation anxiety worse. I'm sure that he misses his mama and litter mates, so I'm not sure how to make the transition best for him. He slept on my neck last night. LOL BUT I want to be okay NOT in my bed, too. So, what do/did YOU do when they whine/cry/bark?

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    We've had Clementine for two weeks now, she's not perfect but getting better. The first night I ignored her cries except every two hours I went downstairs to let her out, and she still pooped in her crate twice. The next 3-4 days I slept with her in the living room and that was better, but not great. It's basically just time and learning their cries. I ignore her regular cries but she has a panicked crazy screech she does and that means she actually seriously has to go out. And for night time I let her fall asleep outside of the crate first and then move her in, she usually just curls up and stays there with no problems. Then I let her out if she wakes up and cries. When I put her back she'll usually cry for maybe five minutes just because she's awake and wants to play, but she calms herself down and goes back to sleep.

    But yeah aside from when I think she could reasonably have to go out, I mostly just ignore her. I'm working on teaching her the quiet command but that's hard from upstairs lol. You're supposed to be nice when they're being quiet and ignore them when they're barking. She's improving every day and she only had accidents in her crate those first two nights.
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    My Betty, now about 1 1/2, sleep in bed with me. However, that only started when she say about 7 months, after she was completely crate/potty trained. At night, the crying is hard to get through, but stay strong! It is SO worth it! And, if you give in and let Brutus out for crying, you'll be starting the training process all over again the next time. Consistency is key Now, Betty loves sleeping with me, but if I want a night without her, she is perfectly comfortable in her crate as well.
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    From the day we got him, Bear has always slept in his crate. I would let him roam at night if he didn't try to eat our cat.
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    My dogs were both crated at night from day 1, I'm lucky in that neither really cried all that much in there. Bella (the first of the two) had her crate in my room for the first few months of life and I think that helped because she could hear me breathing and sleeping. I also make sure they both had a big fuzzy (dog safe) toy in the crate with them so they had something to cuddle up with. When we got Cooper we just put his crate right next to Bella's and that helped with him because he didn't feel alone.

    Persistence is key, and they are just like babies, they'll learn what behaviors elicit what responses and he'll learn that crying in his crate equals getting to come out and get in careful it's a slippery slope.

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    In a crate in our room. We tried for months having them sleep downstairs in there crate, but they would cry. And every mornng the crying got earlier.
    Amazingly it stopped the night we let them sleep in the kennel in our room.
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    Mine sleeps at the foot of my bed against my legs. BUT she slept in her foster moms bed too before I got her. She's crated during the day without a problem if she's alone in the house but not at night.

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    I'm a firm believer that dogs do not belong in the bed.
    They don't seem to understand that though lol.
    If the crate is too much- get a little rabbit fence & a doggie bed. corner the puppy in a section of your room. Worked for my sister. Then she slowly migrated the pup out into the living room. and slowly out of the fence. Of course once it was over the chewing phase.
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    On the couch. Neither of them have been crated.
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    I don't super trust Titan with the cat so he is usually crated in my bedroom. I do occasionally let him sleep in my bed with me. He's never had an issue either way. I do sometimes cover his crate with a blanket if the cat is antagonizing him, but beyond that he's always totally fine.
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