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Thread: Crate training questions

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    Crate training questions

    I grew up with a black lab, but she was never crate trained--we had a large back yard and she had a doggy door, so she could come and go as she pleased. I am having a really hard time not feeling guilty about crate training our little guy (Boston Terrier). I am trying to remind myself that it's his safe place to rest and we just need to make it a positive experience for him (not use it as a punishment). Last night I had the crate in our room and he slept pretty good til 5 a.m. (between peeing LOL).

    We have a kitchen that has two access points to the rest of the house. One of them already has a door, and we COULD put a gate at the other one. But I'm not sure if I would need to worry about him chewing on the wood cabinets. Has anyone put an enclosure around their dog's crate so they have a bit of room to play but can also retreat to their crate? Is this a good idea or is there a reason I should NOT do this?

    What about sleeping? Should I make sure he ALWAYS sleeps in his crate or can a dog be successfully crate trained for when he needs to be alone but still sleep family-style? (I was thinking he would always sleep in his bed (his safe place to rest) but we could take his bed out of his crate and put it in our room once he is potty trained better?)

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    I"ve done this before with our dogs, their crate is in the kitchen but sometimes I'll just put up the baby gate to keep them in the kitchen but they don't have to stay in the crate. There's not really a reason not to do it, but I would try it when you're home at first, so if they are going to jump the gate or chew on the cabinets etc. you can be aware of what's going on. You can help with the boredom by giving them toys to keep them occupied as well, that way cabinets won't seem as tempting.

    Sleeping is the same way, sometimes we let the dogs sleep in our room but for the most part they sleep in their crates. We have a command for them to go to their crates (we say "go to bed" but you can use anything) so we use that when we need them to be crated. That way at any time they know what's expected and they'll obey it, whether it's for night time or because we're going to work or out for the day.
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    My 9 month old dog is crate trained. I only ever put her in her crate when I need to shower (because I can't trust her not to chew on things) or when I leave the house. Other than that she's not in her crate. There are a lot of people that are against letting dogs sleep in the bed with you, but she sleeps at the foot of the bed against my legs. I don't think you have to crate him at night if you don't want to.

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    I would wait until you get to know his personality a bit better before letting him roam (especially if he's teething) where he can get into other things, and start off giving him more freedom in smaller time increments.

    Like my older dog only started getting more freedom when he was around one and a half. He would've been fine before then probably but I didn't trust him, and by then we were in my grandparents house and they have expensive furniture lol. I started off just letting him out of his crate but still confined to my bedroom for short trips, like if I was running out for less than an hour. When he proved he could be trusted with that we left the door open so he could roam the house, and a few months later I actually got rid of his crate entirely.

    As far as sleeping goes, if you're using the crate as a potty training tool and you've puppy proofed well, I don't see why that would be bad. I'd be worried about him being too energetic at night though, my dog had to sleep in his crate for a long time because otherwise he would jump on me and try to play all night. And it might be harder to crate him in the daytime, like maybe he might get spoiled?

    Idk I personally would leave him be if he's doing well with the crate, but as long as he can't get into anything where he might hurt himself you're probably fine.
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    Zoe my golden age the baseboard in our apartment, while I was in the shower for 9 mins. She was/is crate trained but I kept her with me in the mornings while I got ready. When we originally had her as a baby we got an x-pen and had it around the opening to her crate with her water and her food, and potty pads just in case and she did good. She would still go in her crate and sleep but we really didn't use the enclosure unless I was running the trash out or getting in the shower. Any other time she was with DH or I at all times.

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