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Thread: new cat behavior

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    new cat behavior

    So my little puff, Jazzy, has recently started chasing her tail in the last few weeks. She does it often now, and usually in the bathroom for some reason. it's totally adorable but I'm not sure if it's something I should be concerned about since it's a new behavior? She has pretty bad vision, which I've known for a while, so I'm thinking maybe her peripheral vision sucks and she just sees her tail as some big blob and then gets excited and chases it. My cats are 7ish and have been very predictable their whole lives so when Jazmine started doing this I got really worried. Anyone have advice?
    PS: I'll try to get a video of it sometime. It's the cutest thing ever.
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    My cat does it and she has no vision problems. Maybe take her to the vet to be sure?

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    I have an almost 3 month old kitten and she does it all the time. Her tail fascinates her.
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    I have one that randomly started doing this within the last couple years. She's almost 9 and when she went in for her yearly checkup and I asked about it our vet didn't seem concerned. She asked if she's still eating/drinking/using litter box okay (she is) and she said just to watch her for any changes involving those three areas. I feel like my cats kind of go through "stages" of fun ideas sometimes! Our big orange male has recently decided that the area where I have the litter boxes under a table is his new little club house and he will sometimes harass the other kitties (and our pups) when they try to go in there . Its hilarious yet disrupting at the same time so I had to make him stop it

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