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Thread: Lousy PCS

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    Sad Lousy PCS

    My favorite pet sitter is PCSing next month, so now I have to find someone new before our trip

    She was so great with my dog, and I actually trusted her (which is the hardest part of finding someone)

    If anyone has a pet sitter in the Norfolk area they would recommend, please let me know (*not boarding*)

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    Ugh, that sucks, I'm sorry. I haven't found anyone that I was super comfortable with in this area pet sitting wise so I only left my dogs once. If I weren't leaving here early next month I would do it for you
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    I have the opposite problem... Still a "stupid PCS" getting in the way.

    Finally found an amazing family to work for - since getting a tolerable job here for a decent wage was out of the question. I started nannying for the greatest family, sweet, respectful, appreciative, extremely well paying, flexible... You name it. Now we're up for orders. Bleh.

    Sorry you're losing a great pet sitter... I still don't have one of those here either :/

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