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Thread: Shots reactions

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    Shots reactions

    Anyone have doggie that had reaction to shots?
    The wieners got their third set of puppy shots today. The shot site for rabies looks fine but the only one is swollen, and they cry if we touch it even a little.
    The vet said doxies are prone to shot reactions, but I don't remember last set of doxies having issues.
    They are still eating and drinking fine, and pooping in my house fine but they aren't playing with each other.
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    Yeah my chihuahua has awful reactions. The first set when he was 4 months he just laid around and cried whenever I tried moving him at all and then for his yearly this year he got all the shots and within a half hour his face was swollen and he had hives, took him back and they gave him a steroid shot and benadryl shot. 2 hours later his whole body swelled up and was covered in hives, he wouldn't stop scratching his ears and rolling around he was so itchy, the pet ER kept him over night. From like 5 different sources we've decided it was the lepto shot so he's not getting that one and his vet has notes that he gets benadryl before every shot he does get.

    It's so sad and scary I hope your doxies don't have too many problems and just stay a little sore. Good thing pups don't need shots more than once a year or every few years!
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    My Aussie mix can't get a distemper shot unless I give her Benedryl for a few days before the shot. Her cheeks swell up like a chipmunk!
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    A tiny bit of swelling and soreness at injection site is fairly normal. They can make them not feel great either, just like humans, which is probably why they aren't playing. They should be pretty back to normal 24hrs later, but the injection site might be sore for a couple days.

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