Started out normal, except for the drizzling rain. yuck. When I went out to check on the animals I couldn't find Takoda(the 10 day old) right away. I went around the side of the barn and there he was laid out sound asleep in the rain. I wasn't too worried but when I went to check him he wouldn't rouse right away. I finally got him moving and he ran away, followed his mom into the barn, but kept laying down to sleep. He'd lay on his side and kick his leg like he was trying to get up. It was just weird. So not normal.

So, I called my mentor and breeder and she told me to get the vet out. I called the vet, she's out of town and has no replacement while she's gone. WTF? Locally she is the only large animal vet in the area. I called my mentor back and she told me she'll call her vet and we can bring him out there. About an hour away. Her vet isn't in either. GREAT! So she offered to come down and help. I sat out there watching him sleep waiting for her. It totally sucked! When she finally got here she assessed him for me. Everything seemed pretty normal to her. Mama still has milk, he was nursing a bit. So we watched him more. She gave him an enema just to see and he ended up having diarrhea. So she sent me to the vet for Albon and Pro-biotics. As the day progressed he seemed to perk up. We also ended up giving him electrolytes. After about 4 hours she went home and I stayed out watching. Still wanting to get a fecal sample to get to vet.

Anyway, I think he's finally feeling better. I took these about 5pm last night.

I was just so stressed yesterday! I was so glad to have her come down. Everyday is a learning experience for sure. I think I'm going to send her flowers or something as a thank you.