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Thread: Bad Dog Mom :(

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    Sad Bad Dog Mom :(

    My baby girl is showing signs of arthritis

    She comes from really solid working lines, so I was hoping to not have to deal with this.
    On Sunday we played a pretty intense game of soccer, so I'm hoping she's just over sore from that combined with our sudden fall weather. But the past couple days she has had such a hard time getting on my bed (where she usually sleeps) and going up the stairs (she's walking around fine otherwise).

    I meant to start her on glucosamine and chondroitin about a year ago as a preventative, but completely forgot about it
    So, I ordered the supplements today, but it typically takes 2 weeks to show any improvement. And I found a food I might switch her to.

    I just feel so bad for her, she is super high energy and athletic.

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    My golden has hip dysphasia and I started her on a grain free food (Wellness Core) and added in joint supplements and it has made a HUGE difference.

    Hopefully if it is joint related the changes will help.
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    My dog does really well on the glucosamine and chondroitin with her arthritis. I just get the stuff at Petsmart. It's the only pill she takes without a fuss LoL!

    And you're not a bad dog mom. I agree that the fall weather came up too suddenly and the chill makes a huge difference in how my dog feels. I can't even show her a frisbee anymore because she will ask to play no matter how her old bones feel!

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