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Thread: How long does it take [IMG]

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    How long does it take [IMG]

    to get pets acquainted with each other?

    We got a new dog on Tuesday, and he and our cat Pepper really do not get along. We have basically had to keep them apart for the majority of the day to avoid conflict. Both animals are very well behaved on their own, but I'm worried about them together. Bear (the dog) will chase Pepper (the cat) because he is trying to play with her. I'm afraid Pepper will scratch or hiss him out of fear, causing Bear to retaliate and accidentally bite her.

    Bonus pic:

    Here is Bear before be adopted him. He has a new harness, collar, and leash that is much more attractive, and he has had a bath.
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    Try sectioning off a space where the dog can't go, so the cat can escape. If she has a space to which she can retreat, it will help her be less aggressive with him. Also, leave him leashed and put them together in very controlled situations. Don't let him chase her. Keep him leashed but let them get a feel for each other.
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    It takes time for pets to warm up to each other. I have learned (we have dogs and cats) that it is really important that each animal has a "safe place" that they can go to and not be disturbed by the other. Other than that just give them time and a lot of positive reinforcement. I would try as much as possible to not under any circumstances allow the pup to chase your kitty. She was there first and it is new/scary/overwhelming/exciting to her to now have a much larger housemate. Plus you want them both o be respectful of each others boundaries. I'm sure over time she will warm up to him or at least they will be able to tolerate each other just fine
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    It depends. Some cats and dogs get along from their first meeting. With some cats and dogs the best you can expect is for them to tolerate each other. And some dogs can never be allowed around cats.
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    Can they sniff each other through a closed door? I'd suggest a gate, but I'm pretty sure they'll useless with a cat We were lucky in the sense that our cats are bigger than our 8lb pomeranian All of our friends dogs try to play with our cats- our fats fluff their tales, hiss, occasionally bat at the dogs and the dogs wander off. They get the point Our cats don't like dog-sized dogs

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    Great advice there. Be prepared though that they may never get along, they just learn to co-exist
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    It took my cat a few weeks to get along with my dog. Now they will occasionally snuggle together (rare but it happens ). However, I am watching another dog that she cannot stand. Hes been here for 2 months. She tolerates him better than she did (the first few nights she only left the laundry room to go to bed). But if he gets too close or tries to play with her, she freaks out. One day (I have absolutely no idea why she spazzed out and its only happened the once) she chased him though the house and cornered him. She didnt hurt him or anything. I think he was just too rambunctious for her. (He, of course, came with a whole set of problems and was EXTREMELY hyperactive and a little too "friendly" and does NOT take hints. And he would try to get into her safe zone.) I dont think they will ever really "get along", only tolerate each other. Their personalities just dont click. But like I said, she gets along great with my other dog. It just took her a bit to get used to something over 10x her weight coming at her
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    To me, it's important that the dog realizes that the cat is off limits in terms of aggression since the cat is potential prey and more at risk of injury than the dog. When my sister brought her kitten home, she held the kitten while I had my dog (on leash) slowly approach the cat (still held by my sister). The dog was allowed to sniff gently, but if she was any more forceful than that, I backed her away and she had to calm down before sniffing again. Then we let the kitten loose while the dog stayed on the leash and I let her sniff the kitten until she became too forceful and we repeated the exercise. You will have to keep an eye on them for the first few weeks or so like the others said and each situation is different but our dog and cat were best friends for years. I never worried when the dog chased the cat because I knew the dog wouldn't hurt him and the cat was asking for it LoL
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    It only took our cats and dog a couple days, but we have a smaller dog. With having such a big dog, they may never get along especially since they're all older. I would suggest letting the cat get up close and sniff the dog while you hold him so he cant try to play. It might ease the cat more if he gets up close and personal and the dog doesnt always play back.
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    I don't know about cat and dog introduction...but for our 2 kitties, it took over a month for them to completely tolerate one another. Good luck!
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