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Thread: I'm That Crazy Lizard Lady

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    I'm That Crazy Lizard Lady

    I see a lot of people who own dogs or cats, but not many that own lizards. In all honesty if my sister hadn't broken the house rule of no pets and never snuck a lizard into our bedroom, I probably would be one of those dog or cat owners. Nope, fate had other ideas.

    I got my first pet (excluding fish or hamsters) in March of 2010. Our local pet store had received a call from a breeder begging them to take his last 2 bearded dragon babies since no one would buy them. Farm & Home declined because it's against policy to take in donations. Then the next morning an employee went to take out the trash and found...two little baby beardies crawling around inside the dumpster. Remember that it was in March, and March in Wisconsin is around the mid 40s. The breeder had decided to throw them in their dumpster. Who knows why. The employee took them into the store and they gave the poor babies some food and warmed them up. That was the same day my mom went to the store and fell in love when she saw the smallest one. When she walked in the door with a little critter box and handed it to me, I didn't really know what to think. A lizard? Ew. You can't really pet it or cuddle it like a dog or a cat, right? Regardless, I took care of it, fed it, and found out it had a really spunky personality. It'd chase my green toenails around the living room and stalk crickets like a cat going after a mouse. We thought it was a boy so we named it Damien, a totally random name that my mom and I agreed on after passing up names like Drago and Spike. Of course a few weeks later we found out Damien was a girl...Whoops!

    She grew really fast. Here she is a few days after we bought her in her bath tub.

    Now fast forward to October (7 months) in the same tub.

    She's one of the most unique pets I've ever had. You'd think a lizard wouldn't be interesting, or cuddly, or have any sort of personality, but you'd be surprised. We dubbed her the "lap lizard" because as soon as you put her on your lap, she'll snuggle up and fall asleep. Like so.

    She's 4 right now, and Beardies generally live 8-12 years, so I hope to spend many more years with her. She always makes me feel better when I'm sad, and she never fails to make me laugh by doing derpy things like showing her reflection who's boss or running around with lettuce on her head. She made the 2,000 mile journey with me to California, along with her little Apprentice that we dubbed "Baby" for his/her small size. (We think it's a girl)

    (Damien does not approve)
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    Bearded dragons are my favorite. When I worked at PetSmart, I got to handle a lot of reptiles, and I still really want a bearded. They're so quirky and full of personality! I think my cat would limit my ability to care for one, but once I have something like an office where I could shut the door and kick it with it sans cat, I want to get one.
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    So cute!

    DH: Thank you. ME: For what, babe? DH: For being you.

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    They're beautiful! If I could get one, I would, but my apartment allows a max of 2 animals and we already have 2 kitties.
    WiggleWiggle~ is my Wifey

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