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Thread: Which Flea/Heartworm/Tick Preventative Medication?

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    Which Flea/Heartworm/Tick Preventative Medication?

    All three of my pets are due for their next dose of their respective medication at the end of this month. I'm completely out of the medication for all of them. I'm doing some research to see what medication seems to be the best. We have going to be leaving Hawaii sometime in July or August and moving in with my parents in New Jersey. I'm also trying to see if different medication is popular in different regions due to changing insects, weather, etc. I want to know about the different medications so I can discuss them with the vet when I bring my pets in later this month. If you give your dog and or cat monthly preventative flea/tick/heartworm medication, which one do you use? Or do you use different medication for your dog and or cat? Is it prescription or can you buy it without one? Also where do you buy it from? The vet? 1800 Pet Meds? A different website? My vet is seriously awesome. She has told me many times that she doesn't mind me buying the medication form 1-800 Pet Meds. She says that she rather have the pets on a preventative medication which I purchased from 1-800 Pet Meds because I could afford it vs not giving them the medication because I can't afford the marked up prices at the vets office.

    My two cats are on Revolution which is a once a month topical. My cats are not easy cats to give pills too so the fact that it is a topical, once a month medication is awesome. The cats let me put it on them without a fight.

    Gretel, our 55 pound 11 month old German Shepard/Cattle Dog/Unknown mix has been on Trifexis since we adopted her in October 2013. It has worked well. Fleas are rampant here in Hawaii and we have had no problems with fleas. My vet has said that vomiting is a common side effect with Trifexis. She says the paperwork for the pill says that if vomiting occurs an hour or more after taking the pill, an additional pill is not needed. If they vomit before an hour, a second dose might be needed. She says some of her patients keep their dog on Trifexis even though they vomit because it's the only thing that controls fleas for them. Other patients want to put their dog on something different because they don't want their dog to vomit every month. When Gretel reached 40 pounds and had to switch to a stronger dosage, the first two doses made her vomit a few hours after. I always put the pill in a pill pocket and make sure she eats afterwards. (Pill pockets are amazing! It makes giving medication to Gretel super easy!) The last two doses, I opened the package and let the pill air out for 24 hours before sticking it in a pill pocket and giving it to Gretel. It seemed to work and she hasn't vomited for the past two months after getting the pill. We don't think Gretel will get much bigger so I hope she won't go over 60 pounds. I have no problem keeping her on Trifexis as long as she doesn't vomit anymore.

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    I use trifexis and get it from the base vet.

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    I use Advantage Multi from Bayer.
    But I also just use it from April to end of Oktober.. We get winters and it needs to stay for 45 days straight above 57 degrees to transfer the heartworm disease..
    I got a prescription from the vet on post but I found a page online where you can buy it for half of the price and they never asked for one. Maybe it is because they send it from England.
    Getting used to the new lifestyle far away from home and leaving my fear behind each day a little more.
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    I have a 90 lb german shepherd. We have him on Frontline and Heartguard which we get from the vet.
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    Jaxson gets an injection of ProHeart6 semi-annually for heartworm + the other worms. He's 145lbs and the cost is $50. We're in NC and this is the first time he has had to be on a year round preventative. I like the injection far more as it's not something I have to do every month and it's inexpensive since he's so big and regular monthly heartworm pills can run me $400-500.

    Jax has never been on a flea/tick prevention as it wasn't an issue where we were/where we visited. He is now using the Seresto collar which was recommended by my vet (as he uses them on his dogs and really backs their effectiveness). Jax never wears a collar and I've never liked the look of those rubber collars, but I got over it . Jax spends a lot of the day laying in the grass and so far so good! I think the Large collar was $80 but it's good for 8 months (you don't need it here Nov-Feb) and I got a $20 mail-in rebate.
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    Let's be honest; Okinawa is not Japan.

    We use Advantage II.

    We were told Frontline is useless in our area, because the company hasn't reformulated the medication in so long that most fleas are immune to it. My friend in TX had a vet tell her the same thing.

    We order from Costco online, but I've had good experiences with 1800-petmeds in the past.
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    I use heartguard and some sort of frontline. I don't really like the frontline though, he's had fleas several times while on it.

    I Eelizah
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    Quote Originally Posted by HazeGray View Post
    I use trifexis and get it from the base vet.
    We use this as well
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    Our salon uses advantix II on dogs which prevents fleas, ticks and Mosquitos but cats can't use it so we use advantage II on cats.
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    For cats I 100% recommend Revolution. It takes care of fleas, heartworm and GI parasites. For dogs I recommend using a heartworm pill such a Iverheart Max or Iverhart Plus, plus a flea/tick medication such as Advantix II. I recommend that one since its the best for ticks, and in the northeast you need to be wary of lyme disease. Other anti-tick meds tend to not work as well as advantix II. There is a fairly new anti flea/tick med called Nexgard, which I will have more experience with starting next week when I start my job. If that works well against ticks I will let you know- it has flumethrin instead of permithrin which means its safe to have in dog/cat households.
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