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Thread: Vet advice question

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    Vet advice question

    So I need some advice about my cats and the vet.... I'm 99% sure my cats got earmites at their last appointment Before I took them, there were no signs at all, and within 2 weeks or so after the appointment they really started scratching like crazy and now they have the gross dark buildup in their ears. Before I noticed the earmites, the vet was the only place they had been in months and months. The vet appointment was super long, like 2 hours, and they took them in back for over 30 min of it so I wasn't even around and I don't know how clean the facilities back there were. There was fur from other animals all over the room we were put in. I've been trying to treat the mites with the drop things but it's not working.

    What I want to know is, should I call the vet and explain that I think they got them there? I literally have no other ideas about where the earmites could have come from and the timing is perfect. The vet also checked their ears while there and saw nothing. I had to deal with mites once before right after I got them from the humane society and the only thing that worked was the shot. I want to get them the shot again, but I'm pretty upset that they got them at the vet. I'm not sure of the protocol of asking for a reduction in payment or anything? What to do?
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    well i don't know, its a possibility but i think it may be hard to prove that they gave it to the cats or so. Some places i know will reduce the cost or waive like a recheck/office exam fee b/c the client is upset.. so i don't know.. if you're really upset about this i would definitely call/schedule an appointment to confirm ear mites and get proper meds.. those otc imo just don't work and irritate the ears badly.. and with cats the more irritated they are with trying failed attempts the harder it is to do the correct meds. I'm not sure what kind of shot you mean unless it was an ivermectin shot.. we always just used different ear meds.. with good successes. Another possibility is it can be an ear infection a normal overgrown yeast infection that could of been brought on by stress especially if your cat(s) has never been anyone out the house and it was the first visit to the vet or so. Anywho I think calling and give them a chance to correct it, if however you're done with them.. I would def. look for another vet you feel comfortable with.
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    I know my vet's office would definitely like to know if someone suspected that their animal got sick or got parasites there, so they can address it immediately and keep the problem from spreading. 2 weeks is kind of a long time for symptoms to show up I thought, but I don't have any experience with ear mites. If they did have an outbreak of it they may have been aware of it by now and are willing to work with you. I don't think it would hurt to bring it up.

    To me it seems like a red flag that the room they put you guys in was still dirty. At our clinic they clean and disinfect the room between each patient, that seems like something that should be standard to me!
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    I think it is definitely worth mentioning. It just takes one person to slacking on cleanliness and things can be passed from animal to animal. I know in our shelter we have very strict protocols regarding animal handling so that any diseases or parasites won't be spread.

    I wouldn't expect them to comp anything but maybe they will surprise you and take care of it.
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    I'm not sure how to ask for a discount or anything, I'm bad with situations like that. I definitely think it's worth it to call and give them a heads up though, if your vet gives a damn at all it seems like something they'd wanna know.
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    Honestly, if it were me I'd change vets. I wouldn't even bother trying to go back there and get a reduction in payment. From your OP it sounds like the clinic was pretty unclean and that's not ok. I've worked in plenty of vet clinics and while they weren't super high class like a doctor's office they were very clean. Rooms were swept and sanitized before another animal came in and you could always see the back of the clinic and it was ALWAYS kept clean. If you went into an exam room filled with hair and you believe the doc didn't clean tools well enough and your cats got ear mites then I'd find another vet and treat the mites there.

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